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Universe in Eyes



I met those eyes,

in my dream.

I was full,

hearing screams.

Based on pain, not ever joy,

writing down, fake smile.

Doesn't suited, to that image

big applause to that visage,

Trying to just fool me around,

never after, I got mistaken again.

My occurrence is in world, my world

no religion, no region,

only charming two eyes pair.

this globe, not a good one

always conspires to take away.

daily I study, daily is a test

preparing gives me a rest.

nearest, point leaves me down

panic covers me out,

around her, new horns

I love them a lot, is the end

even I'm scared of ,

due respect.

Thorough, opening first trail,

try to read that eyes, but got failed.

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Universe in Eyes
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