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Unhallowed Heartbeat Requiems

A Poem

 Lucifer Sculpture by Sean Wade

Darkness fears my shadow

I saunter through fires


Streets decay 'neath

my hooves

Buildings blacken upon my


The dead rue my arrival

The inebriated dig their own graves

What's left of them will ashen

through the contagion I shall spread

My dominion is set

The battle is won

Har Meggido is mine

The last of the human race will pass through my gums

Succumb to the wretched

Unhallowed heartbeat

that syncopates their requiems

I am the blackest deprecation

this nascent world has ever seen

These red oceans

scorched lands

angelic corpses will all wither

in this new aphotic air


the black void will

efface this dour world into


On to the next God

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Unhallowed Heartbeat Requiems
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