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Unfolding You Dearly

Like Laundry

Unfolding you dearly like laundry before a sentry asunder

One need not ponder long to wearily wonder

What may befall such ones as desire bounty’s plunder

Through thickened tides tied tight to time’s tired tithe

We bask ashore onto higher and swifter flocks

The sheep so spare

Never so less as only half a wool hair

If ever only so kind as to

Deliver a subjunctively amassed flavorful stew

Having been previously unrequested to be remixed

Even if only for a more

Fortissimo sense of salacious wanderlust

Upon first sipping, yea

“A second sip,” I quip! Or

Translating the qualia of the stew at hand over to yonder bus

There to taste afresh the sauce of my mirth

That liquid love that renewed my worth

Dipping my face so gently

Like a stew fish residently

Baptizing me anew; my rebirth

Till all at once I swam

Not until diving headlong into the deep

Through the cabbage, carrots, and celery, even unto the bottom of the bowl

Where the sediment of seasoning sleep

And bouillon remnants collect in a little knoll

This catching my eye, I failed to take notice

For just to the side of me peripherally

Lay open an opening

The shape of a lotus

I had scarcely been cognizant of the nexus next to me

Before I found myself suddenly sucked in this portal barren of border

I found myself squeezed by chaos till I slipped out of order

Was this Providence’s cold shoulder?

I would sooner spare my lord fawning praise

Than spend my years getting here older

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Unfolding You Dearly
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