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Unconditioned Emotion

A Poem

Unconditioned Emotion

I explore your voice in fragmented hues becoming more faint and distant.

You’ve left couch cushions sunken in, empty. Our laughter echos in my memories.

It wasn’t necessary, the wall you’ve crafted between us.

Everyday you peek over it and we lock eyes, then souls.

I am waiting for the actions your heart wants to take. Your mind encourages you to slip back down on your side.

I am left searching the horizon of emotional, turned emotionless, bricks for your eyes again.

I hear the soft thud of you banging your head. You try to free an answer, it does not come.

I wait for the moment you find courage to scale your fears for me, all the while being introduced to my own.

KS: Communication mocks us so

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Unconditioned Emotion
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