Ugly Brown...

Queen Brown

 Ugly Brown, What is your name?

You have beautiful brown skin but, yet you're ashamed.

Is it because your hair doesn't reach your waist 

or because you put soul in your recipes to spice up the taste?

Is it because the public chooses someone who has your features, but never your complexion?

Oh yeah, they testify to know how you feel, but never received this level of rejection.

I understand that society tells you to "lighten your skin" and "your pigment isn't in."

Well, don't believe in their harsh lies, you have the appearance that makes even God smile.

He sees the beauty He created, embrace your brown beauty and don't let the world teach you to hate it.

Even your flaws are exceptionally gorgeous, cheer yourself on even while knowing the world isn't going to root for us.

So woman hold your head up high, look the world in its eye and say I'm no ugly brown.

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Ugly Brown...
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