Tying My Shoes

An ode to my favorite time of the day!


Three strikes and your out my Dad used to say

On the ball field where baseball we would play

And I'd love to hear him that big belly man

With a cheer in his voice that made me glad

Don't give up yet he would say my sport

You're the cutest of buttons because you are short

Thank you Dad! I would say and mean it for real

I love it when my Dad is here

But the day I am thinking I am running so fast

All the bases I am running passed

But then I trip! And then I fall!

And my whole team and the other team sees it all!

I start to well up with tears but my Dad says it's fine

I just need to tie my shoes better next time

So every morning when I reach for the lace

I see my Dad's shining like sunshine face!

That is why tying my shoes is my favorite time

The time that I think of and makes me want to rhyme

It's because of my Dad! I love him so much

Thank you Dad! Thank you a bunch!

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Tying My Shoes
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