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Two Sides in the Matter

Great and Small

On one wing I am flighty                                  On the other wing I am mighty

On one wing I know truth                                On the other wing I doubt too 

On one wing I live freely                                  On the other wing I am bound 

On one wing I am organized                         On the other wing I am a mess 

   On one wing I must confess                      That there are days when I don't

     Know how long I will last                        Maybe just a few days in total 

                                                    But I Shall 

                                                     Make the 

                                                    Most of the 

                                                     Time that I 

                                                     Have, every 

                                                    day is such a 

Gift and who I am to ask my                        Maker why this or why that? 

Existing in and of myself is                           amazing and my gratitude is 

Always on my lips, truly it is                         and there will always be so 

much to be thankful for each                       and every day in every way! 

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Two Sides in the Matter
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