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Twisted Fairy Tale(s)

A Sequence Poem

—The Little Writer—

i lost the glass slipper

that is my mind

somewhere behind me

i sold my soul to the sea witch

just for a good story

i locked myself in a tall tower

for many days and nights

as i typed away

my fingers bleeding



and naivety

cut off at the fin

by every opened


outright denial

that i lie to myself

was not there

this is all i have

now it’s all i hate

too late

my gift, now a curse

nowhere trapped alone

the sceptics laughing

education taught me the rules

the rules by death with which

you must obey

with all your soul

like signing a contract

by an evil sea witch

creativity signed away

by the ink

the pen

that i use

to write.

the pen is dead.

—Alice in Adulthood—

I lost a house slipper once and had to hop on one foot.

As lost as that slipper, cold and lonely as my naked foot.

My cereal that day, spelled out "Eat Me". And I dumped the bowl.

Destiny came to visit too. He blew smoke in my face and spoke in riddles.

“Diverge from the path

you must never.

Responsibility is always

stronger, desire is weaker.

You cannot survive

on two feet

with no degree.

To live is to survive,

no joy needed to thrive.

Diverge from the path

you must never.

Desire is weaker

in game of life.”

He said, his voice of purple velvet

words that formed shapes and made the world.

He told me to go. Go where? I didn't know.

Then I was out on my own. Cold, lost, confused.

With only one slipper

And no GPS.

My phone lost service at the fork in the road.

My punch was spiked at the bar by the toad.

Couldn’t ask for help with no ID.

Wandered away as high as I could be.

I hallucinated a talking cat, striped purple and blue.

It only said: You’re a fool fool fool.”

I kicked it and made a field goal over the flickering light posts.

The man that raped me only boasts.

From that day, I couldn’t see

the road laid out in front of me.

The Queen of Hearts dressed in red,

The Queen Bee who said

Mean things to me and left me in her bed.

The teen Queen,

Forever and always mean

Sneered like a fiend

Lost her temper,

the tempted viper,

Pushed me down a hole,

And forever I shall lay.

In this hole, I shall stay

The Queen of Heart’s




—Queen Ella Hart—

She disjointed her pride

When reality tackled her to the ground.

Rubbed her face in dirt

And scraped her knee.

She still felt the pain

Ghosting inside.

Like a bee making a beeline

For her broken heart.

Rubbing salt

On all of her faults

And watching as it sizzles

And fizzles into nothing

But shattered hopes and dreams

She put into a jar labeled

"Pixie Dust."

Like the second star to the left,

She was never right.

Alright for now,

Not for long.

Life slapped her,

Like an evil step-mother

Stepping on her dreams.

Lucifer, the cat,

Peed on her shoe.

Acid burned through.

Anxiety locked her away

And threw away the key.

No ball more beautiful

Than the one outside her window.

No gowns,

Only sweatpants

Made of regrets.

—Maleficent Queen of Hearts—

Phoenix rising from the ashes,

that’s how Ella felt.

Her fairy godmother granted her wish,

turned her world upside down.

She was no longer a slave,

but now the Queen.

Like any other tale,

this one turned sour,

as the Queen turned wicked

in many ways.

She put the violent

in benevolent

and added an i

cause now

the world revolved around her.

—Call Her “Princess Charming”—

Mirror Mirror

On the wall,

Who’s the fairest

Of them all?

When it was no longer her,

Ella flipped her lid, sure did.

(I) The transfer student

had stolen her crown.

Ella’s smile turned into a frown.

Princess Alice

the people would call me.

It had always

embarrassed me.

She declared,

with a dramatic flair,

me an enemy.

With venom, she sang to me.

But, like most things,

She couldn’t keep that promise.

Ella hated me from

the bottom of her core.

I don’t know when

it changed.

The heartless Queen’s

stolen heart was a surprise.

She had fallen for me,

like a princess to a king.

I wasn’t sure

if I had felt the same.

But, like with everything,

Ella had her way.

So, soon, I was courted

by the Queen,

though her ways were quite mean.

Self-centered and vein

she had no room for love

of another besides herself.

Oh, was I surprised.

When I found out

A secret so deadly

It sealed my fate.

So, I shall not repeat,

For the sake of you,

Dear Reader, whom must debate.

—Happily Never After—

Her anger was volcanic,

her fear was great

as she punched me

right in the face.

She kept rambling

about this and that

threatening me

even though I couldn’t fight back.

I promised not to tell,

she was deafened by rage.

Her temper is what

led to my fate.

She pulled me outside

by a fistful of hair,

she kept sneering.

The Queen of despair.

Far into the woods

behind her house

sits the gaping hole

where she pushed me in.

I screamed in horror

As I slowly fell.

Her face peered down.

The Queen of Hell.

Now I lay, hidden and forgotten.

While she still plays

above, alive, happy…

as I watch from my grave.

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Twisted Fairy Tale(s)
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