Twisted Am I

A Poem of My Own "Blindness"

Twisted am I,

As I look at myself,

All I see is perplexing hypocrisy.

Keeping an open mind while

blinded by my self-made dogmatism.

Love Thy Neighbors,

but you never said a word to them.

Crippled by self-righteous ideology.

Trust filled with skepticism.

Mindless wanderer I have become.

Stuck between emotions and correctness.

The quantity of emotions.

The quality of intelligence.

Both will cease in the end.

Science or Religion?

Blinded truths I am.

My only solace is

Progress and Love.

Darius Acuna
Darius Acuna

Hi! My name is Darius and I like to talk and write about various concepts and ideas and subjects including but not listed to: poetry, mythology, psychology, personal beliefs, aliens, politics, etc. I hope you enjoy!

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