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Turning the Golden State Black

A Poem About the Damage Humans Have Done to the Environment

What we know as the Golden State turns black

It’s already started, there’s no going back

Greed fueled by money made from the trees they cut down

Blinded by all they refuse to see now

The seeds of change have been planted and are starting to grow

Now it’s time for the selfish to reap what they sow

Time goes without passing

As they take without asking

Fracking and drilling

The blood keeps on spilling

As black as the hearts that exploit it

Ruthlessly profiting as they destroy it

The beauty of nature is disregarded and lost

As no one sees the true cost

Gone but not forgotten

Though the stumps have turned rotten

The few who bother to care can do little but stare

At the ghosts of their leaves that hang in the air

Though all that is green has faded

The plastic has not yet degraded

A symbol of destruction and hope long dead

The rivers and streams can only run red

Too late to heed the call

They have sacrificed it all

Though the remnants remain

It will never be the same

We have destroyed the world we call home

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Turning the Golden State Black
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