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No E's...

Swami Vivekananda QuoteFancy.com

Do not doubt what I know that I am about.

Nothing will bring frustration to my soul than pain.

 It's truth that pain will start my gain. 

No fixing is what I want, for it must adapt to a hurtful soul.

Which can adjust to fright no dust at night; will stop it.

Visual is what I saw, but no you stop it.

Turn my way towards you who is without passion.

But you look at clouds and call my art dumb.

For it is what our minds know and lust for.

Own what you do, not only stop your bashful thinking. 

For I know my worth and passion with God.

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LaNesha Stile
LaNesha Stile

"Never focus on the shade stay too busy shinnin ~ LANESHA N.R. STILE

BETTA: I'm better than what I went through & will be SO better after I get through.


FMOT & Snap: @SoBetta_Fr

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