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Trust Issues

You promised you wouldn't break my heart or play those deadly games.

Listen to me I mean listen to that inner me that's been crying out I don't want to be in this situation again because I have felt this pain before so if we are to press rewind in my mind it would feel like over 100 times we have been here before

Yes here in this dark empty space where I was given empty promises and broken hearts that you yourself won't even be able to fix when you promised me you would never hurt me yet did the same thing you promised not to do and now well now you're a disgrace and I can't even look at your face cause it's those despondent times that can't be erased

When you had me at hello and promised you would never hurt me and those words penetrated into my deepest soul cause you promised I would be more than just another random name and you promised you wouldn't break my heart or play those deadly games yet I still fell unto you as your prey

And I was so broken to the point that I refused to let others in and I refused to let you stay because each time someone gets close well now I am constantly pushing them away because I've been hurt so much that my scars bleed inevitably

See you promised she was just a name but you slept with her and loved her when all I ever wanted was to be seen as your one and only Queen I gave you all of me and in exchange you left me deceived so now I question if love is even real now my mind and soul are so fucked up that it's in the word love I don't even believe

So listen cause too many times I have cried myself to sleep too many times I have been in this position before To many times I have had hope just to be let down and to many times I've been left with a broken heart so this is why I am the way I am now

Listen when you hear me say I have Trust Issues it's a woman who has given her trust to the wrong type of guys the woman who has loved deeply but was left hurt and misused severely when you look at me

Again just listen because when I boldy say I have trust issues it's more like I have seen that happen one too many times issues and I refuse to be another victim who has been hurt and misused.....

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Latoia Dunn
Latoia Dunn

Just someone who hopes to inspire others with my words and gifts one day.




Self Publisher 

Books I've published: Fame Or Love, Love Over Fame and Poetic Voice on Wattpad.  All rights reserved ©2018 

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Trust Issues
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