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Trump's Wall

Border Wall

Who thinks the wall is needed? Who opposes 

the wall? Why is the government shut down 

over the wall? What benefits will the wall 

provide? How can the wall create job security? 

How does not having the wall effect job 

security? How does the wall make the US safe? 

How does not having the wall make the US 


We’re do we turn to when the government is 

shut down, and food is not getting inspected. 

Workers are forced to work with no pay, or 

they are temporarily laid off with no pay; and 

if they received unemployment they will have 

to pay it back. To me that is harsh treatment 

and down right wrong.

How will these government works pay bills; I 

know companies will not take oh I work for the

government and haven’t received pay yet so 

I’ll pay you when I get paid, in a real world 

light company will shut your lights off, your 

car will get repoed, water shut off, gas off, 

insurances canceled.

Have you ever told Txu you would pay them 

and they gave you an extension and at the end 

of that extension if you didn’t have the money 

what would happen; everyone knows the 

answer to this; lights out.

How will the government shut down effect 

needy families who also depend on 

government assistance to help them get by day 

to day, how will it affect the senior citizens who

 depend on their social security to pay bills buy

 food, how will it affect the disabled. 

It is just so many things to take into 

consideration, and I  just like wow, I work for a 

school district and wonder will this affect me 

as time go on, even though the government is 

back open, there is still talk of it shutting down 

again February 15, 2019.

I look forward to everyone’s insight to the 

world wide matter!

Please voice your opinions I would like to see 

what the world thinks. I know where I stand 

on this matter but I want to hear your voice!

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Trump's Wall
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