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True Love

A Poem About Self-Love

the journey to loving oneself is long, treacherous, and can be

easily forgone, but i made it. i made it. and contrary to popular

belief, the journey to loving yourself is a journey that is every bit

important as the destination.

because sometimes you feel that itch of wanderlust, and you

feel the need to stray from your new home called Happiness.

you’ll find yourself going back to the beginning, back to your

old home that became cluttered with insecurities and everyone

else’s expectations of how you should look or act.

you’re going to want to stay because it’s familiar, but you can’t

because it’s tiring.

it’s tiring having to try to fit yourself into an unforgiving mold.

it’s tiring having to clean and clean, but never making any progress.

it’s tiring, it’s unrelenting, and you’re going to want to escape once


and so you do.

but this time,

you’re going to take one last look at this old home of yours

and you’re going to burn it to the ground.

the journey to loving oneself is long, it’s treacherous, and sometimes

it can be easily forgone, but you’ll make it.

you’ll make it.

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James Smith
James Smith

My nickname is James, I'm 20 (going on 21 next month) and I love writing poetry, but also creating stories as well. I like to think of myself as a creative and imaginative person, so I always strive to put that into whatever I write!

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True Love
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