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True Love

Fire and Passion

It's time. Today. Now. I will no longer be reminded day in and day out of my past. I will no longer allow my circumstances to overwrite my purpose. I will no longer let the excuses of who, what, when, where and how keep me from my why. At this time, my heart will begin its mending. My soul will learn to soar again. My eyes will start to shine brighter than the gold of 10,000 kings. Today! Not tomorrow. 

I will no longer look to love like it's my savior. I will never again look for love to validate. I am now looking to love the most important person in my world. Today, I have made this decision to fall head over heels in love. I have embraced the thought of being passionately and breathlessly faithful. Not tomorrow, but today.

I choose to love me. 

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True Love
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