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Tru Emo-Shuns (Pt. 2)

Tales of a Rose

Lying to Me Lying to Me

I have a question

and before you answer,

be sure to think.

Why do you lie to me?

For your sake, don’t say

“to protect you”.

Your lie bares no shield over my mind.

So there’s no threat of a mental melt down.

My heart may skip a beat.

But your lie plays no part in the rhythm it keeps.

And I’ve never known a lie to protect against broken bones or stab wounds.

So fortunately for me,

my mental, emotional and physical well-being

does not rest on the asinine words you speak.

Now be sure to think before you answer.

Why do you lie to me?

Tru Emo-Shuns Volume I & 2

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RE ReadyforPeace
RE ReadyforPeace

I was always told that I was emotional. I use to take this as a bad thing. I began to shy away from speaking, sharing, even being seen. I didnt want to be viewed as that emotional person. Then I learned emotions are a universal language. 

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Tru Emo-Shuns (Pt. 2)
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