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Trouble You

With Small Worries

I see you

I’ll trouble you

I’ll speak to you

Waves crash and break through

my sea wall of pain.

I’ll sound trumpets across gloomy oceans

I’ll spend you

I won’t spare you, but will disturb you

with my cares and worries.

Look out storm, my cries and worries shall stir your oceans

greater than any hurricane or winter squall

I will encroach upon the sea of Moby Dick and captivate the breezy waters

I will trouble you! 

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Tony Martello
Tony Martello

Tony Martello writes to transform the reader in under five minutes. He creates allegorical stories and poems that are designed to brighten up your day. He is a family man and surfer who loves to tell stories. He appreciates your tips!

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Trouble You
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