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Trips in My Mind in the AM (Ch. 2)

Chapter 2

Photo by Chris Liverani on Unsplash 


I glued my eyelids together this evening

And though the creases looked stressed

My third eye ironed out as I breathed in.

This is how I begin my conversation with the universe,

From her my being has been caressed.

Then, my mouth is placed in the middle of my forehead as I begin to thank her for all of my feelings.

Waterfalls burst through my closed eyes and my prayers are undressed

Real, raw, the best.

I catch all the messages of the day and hand it to her on a plate screaming


When I am done bathing in her nest,

She lends me her powers and I throw warmth at my friends

Hoping my prayers reach them.

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Trips in My Mind in the AM (Ch. 2)
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