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Phases of Life

A Fruit Laden Tree

A little sapling undergoing growth,

Standing right next to a full grown sturdy tree,

Asked,you look fabulous,I want to be like you,

The tree replied,dear darling sapling,

I was just like you,

A tiny little plant,

It took me so many years to grow,

I had to face many challenges,

Challenges in form of,

 Stormy winds that shook me down,

Heavy rainfalls that drenched me,

Sharp Sunlight that burnt me fierce,

But when I reached my youth I was blessed with juicy fruits that bent me down with pride,

I could suffice the need of hungry passengers and also could give them shade to take rest and fresh air to breath,

Now I was happy and complete,

You are a tiny sapling,

It will take you many years to be like me,

But never give up darling even if time is rough,

Just believe in yourself my dear,said charming tree to little sapling,

And your destination will be near.

Dreams of Little Sapling

Tiny sapling

Tiny sapling dreaming of becoming a fruit Laden big tree.

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