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Traits of My Future Husband

Midnight Thoughts


His eyes would see

through my soul

beyond the mask

The broken bones

My imperfections 

The cold beast,

With a heart frozen 

Stone Cold.


His touch would heal

My many wounds

Fill many empty rooms

Wipe the tears

bleeding through the water ducts.

Warm my soul


His voice,

A record, never on repeat

Playing apologies, Hardly

It would serenade,

lift my heart, never break

Fill the voids

left behind, by boys who tried to be men

His Voice

would tell, what my mind thought impossible

What i believed myself undeserving.


His Love would 

Melt the ice, around my heart

Flesh and blood, I now restart

Simple steps, holding my hand.

Helping me find, what once was lost

taking his time, never rush.

Teaching me love 

After years of winter.

His Love 

reminds a blind girl

that hope comes in many forms

That not seeing doesn't always mean

you walk with a cane.


Laid within the thick walls

of personality

Covered with Warm blood infused

With love.

preparing me to love myself before i can ever love he.

He will never say he completes me

because he wants to help me complete myself

So when the time is right

we can be like a Luna Eclipse

Two whole circles coming together

making a new complete picture.


Of My Mr Perfect

Prince Charming

If you like, Riding his stallion

Knights in steel, behind them

Looking for the broken girl

Of his dreams, 

Because he knows perfect lies

in being real.

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Traits of My Future Husband
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