Train of Thoughts

Strange People on This Train, Including Myself

As I sit on this subway

I noticed a different face every time I decide to look up

One lady I noticed had already been staring at me, and continued to lock eyes with me as if she already knew me but didn't like me

I don't mind

People look at me all the time

and maybe they're looking at me,

cause I'm looking at them

Then I start to wonder why everyone looks so sad

I start wondering what stop they're getting off at

and wonder where they're going after

I notice we all are going the same direction

just difference places

And in many ways I feel that's exactly what life is like

I also start to realized why am I thinking so damn hard about these random ass people on the train!?

But just like these people I'm riding with,

A Train full of strangers, we all have something in common

We all decide where to go

It's up to us whether we go the right direction 

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