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Only the strongest bloom.

You are a flower

Awaiting to bloom

Struggling to grow

In a place that has very little room

Where the best moments are in the rain

Running down your leaves

With the vibrant colors leaving you

At a moment in peace

The heat of the sun warming you

After a night so cold

A warrior like a weed

Stubborn and strong

Enough to grow through the cracks

Where no one wants to go

People don’t notice what will happen


Stepped over

Like a plant that has no care

No one questions until it is time

When you start to bud

Showing the colors of a flower that rises

No competition because you are one of a kind

But an Awe

When you show your petals

Like a swan with so much beauty

People will stare but no one dares

To touch the blooms of such radiance

They are scared

For the bloom of love is the sweetest one

Your smile will touch their core

For you will be happier

Then you ever knew before

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