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Tortured Soul

Deep within, I feel it.


Deep within, I feel it

Grasping for air

Pulling me in

It hurts

Tried to run from it

But I cannot hide

These feelings; they are dark

My soul cannot take the pain

Why did you leave me like that?

You pushed me down

You left without a word

My soul aches for you still

Even though my mind knows I am better off without you

Gathering up the pain

Holding a grudge

Locking my feelings away

Is simply torturing my soul

I need out

I want freedom

The grasp is so firm

I have to break free

I need to move on

And begin to heal my tortured soul

You won't break me

You won't sink me

I will be free from this torture

I will rise above, with nothing holding me back

You may have tortured my soul to its breaking point

But you won't win

I will stand up and fight

I can renew my soul, learn to live just fine, without you.


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Tortured Soul
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