This one is about a lone turtle.

Unlike my kin, I have felt the air under me.

It happened when humans placed a head of their own on my shell.

They cuddled me in ticking metal and changed my scene.

Now here I am in the desert with a head on my shell

cuddled by cold metal. No food, no water, no cage, and

nobody. Only sand.

Below me are distant thuds and rolls.

Mechanical beasts surround me.

Humans emerge from them.

They look at me and laugh.

One of them is frightened. He’s got no hair

and dropped his loud personality

for the moment. He retreats to the beast.

To be honest, I would if I was him.

All I ever wanted was water and grass blades.

The others aim their language at him.

I can feel his hurt and pain.

He feels mine.

The greatest strike comes from a man with some hair.

It hits our mental states.

It is only a matter of time until he finds true despair.

It’s frightening how far humans will go

to fulfill the extreme absurd. One of them’s leaning

to take the head off.


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