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A short poem about a troubled mind.

(Art by Gerald Scarfe in Pink Floyd's "The Wall" 1980)

Tormented by a wall of terrifying movement, It sat twirling Its head around in discomfort and insanity. Not for very long did It wait when the episode subsided and Its head retracted from the many places around him it had been. Its skin twitched and tightened, leaving Its mind in anguish. It counted out two, then quickly three little pills, which it took glancing in every direction. It avoided the senses of Its surrounding shadows, and the layers peeled from the walls in a moment where Its frozen body was turned away. Another episode was beginning again...

It gasped and wheezed, vapor spewing from Its mouth, Its eyes darting around at the grotesque transformations. All of the furniture Began to melt and decay as if it were being intensely heated. The entire room shifted downwards and the candelabrum above swayed, spilling bits of hot wax which seemed to fizzle where they landed. They fizzled and hissed into a thick, black, bubbling substance, growing thicker and thicker until they crystalized. Each hardened bubble lade with screaming faces.

An ominous wind picked up from their screams. After seeing red flashes of mechanical light through every solid object, It covered It's eyes with a clap, as excruciatingly loud thunder shook the walls. This covering was transparent because it could still see through that every corner of the room extended into a billowing fabric, like a great tent enduring a tornado. It crawled onto Its bed and sighed in relief at the slowing down of the wind.

The only door out began at a slow, wide curve and ended in the sky with a receding thin shape. The only window reflected the inside darkness, and revealed the origins into the night. Very little light shined from the chandelier unto its concealed and hurting head, which had been wrapped in a dark silk cloth. The chemicals began to take effect and It finally passed out on its bed, curled tightly and with a pillow cautiously cradled over Its head; It began to dream...

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