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Too Far

A Poem of Hurt and Anguish

Her hair laid across her face                 Her complexion pale and fair.            Her last breath had come and gone.  Her soul was no longer there

She left behind many a friend            That would miss her in coming days But none could save her from taking her life                                                        No one to take her place

If only she knew how much they cared what happened to her life,                   She would’ve been happy and found much joy, even amid the strife 

It took just once, one person to say “You matter so little to me.                            “Run off, run away, get out of my sight, you’re the last woman I wish to see.”

He pledged to love her till death do them part, this is not what she had in mind.                                                        That he would put her so far down, that she would never have survived

The abuse was humiliating, demoralizing, depressing, and she felt only one way left.                                   She grabbed the knife, said “I’m no longer your wife” and drew it across her neck

As she laid on the ground, life draining out of her fast.                                         The man knew he had done a wrong, this day was not supposed to be her last

So young, so beautiful, so full of life, his guilt became to much                               As he sobered up, it quickly became clear, the person he really was

“I drive her to this, I took her life, my love how can it be?”                                  He cried loud and long for his girl to come back, but her soul was already free

He knew what would happen, when people found out, so he decided to do follow his wife                                                            “I will die too, and join her beyond, so I can apologize for taking her life” 

He grabbed the bottles full of pills, and began to swallow them all                       Quickly his body went into shock, his mind began to stall

When the people found them side by side, dead on the kitchen floor              They thought only about how both of them died, and not the pain she endured

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Too Far
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