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Just looking for love in a club.

Will i remember this tomorrow?

The way you held me?

The way we danced?

The way the lights danced upon the street?

The way you held your hand in mine?

I want to think I will, but will I?

I let myself fall into the consumption of the city.

I fall into the night.

Into the club.

Into the alcohol that stains your breathe.

I fall into it all.

The way your body moves captivates my mind.

You leave me breathless.

Without words,

You leave my mind empty.

And yet my heart full.

My body feels numb as we sway in this motion.

I try to remind myself that this is just a night.

A dance,

A drink,

But what secret passions hide underneath it all.

The music drowns out my senses.

I've lost myself in the drink.

I look at my reflection that bounces off the red liquid.

I don't recognize it .

The person who stared me in the face.

The silent static engulfs the very essence of you and of the scenery.

You hold onto me.

Keeping me close.

I can hear your heart beating loud.

As I try to find a balance amongst all the noise.

I feel like I'm falling.

The motion too almost too much to bare.

I hold onto you to keep my grip.


Then I let you go.

I see the way you look at her.

The way you want her.

The way you bat your eyes and flirt,

And then I know.

I know that I would be easy to leave.

East to forget.

Ease to let go.

So I do it first. 

The character

This piece is about looking for love. Someone trying to reconnect with another soul, but fearing the idea of being left. The past that haunts the main character has left her broken and scared to let someone else in. Her theory is it is easier to leave than to be left, a simple way of protecting her heart that's been a little too broken. 

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