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how little we know is frightening 

Imagine being conceived for 9 months

provided with most of the demands in Maslow's hierarchy of needs

caressed unconditionally despite the conflicts

trained with all the necessary life skills

raised as a potential conqueror

expected to be a competent individual and ending up being a mess - a loser

Imagine living your life, convincing yourself everyday that tomorrow will be better

always striving for something you’ve always wanted, but ending up being disappointed that you already got used to it

"Tomorrow" is a relative word, we'll never get there

“Today" will be yesterday, today is today, and today has always been "tomorrow"

Is every effort just a placebo to cover up the uncertainties you never expected to happen?

For days, for months, for years, you were always waiting for something to come not knowing that that "something" is a satisfaction you were always longing for

You try to do everything but the bottom line leads you to absurdity

Oh, for so long I've been dealing with this horribly ridiculous "something" that I couldn't already imagine myself getting away from it

it has been totally normal to dissociate, whenever, wherever.It has become a part of me, the part of me, me

Is it already what it is?