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Today I Am Sad


Today I am sad. My heart lurches as if a wave was trying to reach the sand but hit an invisible wall instead.

Today I am tired. I am tired like the cat who sleeps all day and only wakes to eat.

Today I am hungry. But I’m not going to eat because I can’t force my body to stand up and walk to the kitchen long enough to make even a sandwich.

Today I am lonely. I’m so lonely but I can’t call or text anyone and tell them because I’m scared I’ll be a burden and ruin their day.

Today I am scared. I’m scared that I will be all of these things forever, that my mind will always believe that I will never be enough for anybody, not even me.

Today I am done. I am to tired to fight to sad to care to lonely to speak and to scared to even try and still I’m breathing. but on days like today I just think, why?

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Today I Am Sad
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