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To Walk Slowly By

Notice me.

When you walk slowly by

I don't know what to say

Not hi or even hello.

All I'd really like to say is

I think the world of you.

But alas I am not bold

And all I can do is watch

As you walk slowly by.

The wind whispers your name

And the stars shine in your eyes.

My heart melts away

when I see you near

But you walk slowly by.

Soon you will leave

And we never really met.

Not a hug, shake or a sweet kiss

To tell you that I wish you were mine.

As you leave I won't be able to say goodbye.

So all you'll do is walk slowly by.

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Traci E.
Traci E.

Is fascinated by the world and all it offers. I hope you like what you read.  Don't forget to tip your authors.  $1 encourages me, $5 buys me a coffee and more than that shows me that I made you think or moved you in some way. Thank you.

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To Walk Slowly By
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