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To Those Who Have Depression

This is for you.

10 Things everyone with depression knows:

1. Depression sucks. 

And although that may seem obvious

I'm not oblivious

To the reality that life itself


2. Depression is not always crying.

Sometimes you play with your balance of life

Seeing how far you can reach for the sky 

Until the books fall out from underneath you

because they will.

3. Depression is not an enemy (sometimes)

When you feel like you have no friends

Exactly when you're prepared to end

Depression pulls you back from the edge


4. Depression fades.

Yes there are two ways

And the line between them is a haze

Don't cross it.

5. Depression has a half way mark.

Just when everything is good

And then everything that could

Goes wrong.

6. Depression is not permanent. 

But this isn't dedicated to those who had an illness

Because illness fills the emptiness

and never leaves.

7. Depression doesn't reason.

In your happiest moments

Depression pops in for atonement

An even deal.

8. Depression doesn't share.

Anxiety or OCD or anything that can control

Will compete with depression for your hold

The loser is you.

9. Depression loves you.

It may not seem so 

But if it didn't wouldn't it go

like the others.

10. Depression is in your head.

It's called a mental illness for a reason

And sometimes it's worse depending on season

But what doesn't change is you. 

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To Those Who Have Depression
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