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To the Person Who Tore Me Apart

To All the Ones I Loved in a Told Past

Instagram: @Mishelleta | Photo by Me | Model: Reilly

This piece is composed of other lyrics from songs that were partially modified and kept the same. This is a deep, personal, emotional and raw piece. Enjoy. :)

to the person who tore me apart. | written by: @mishelleta | instagram

to the person who tore me apart,

I felt it every day, it's all the same

when our love became fiction

It was a helpless pinch that doesn't leave

like ice cubes grinding at your front teeth

I was happy in my walls where I found myself in yours

I fall for you

over and over, over and over

I try to live without you

but I knew that I was afraid to leave you on your own

I told you I'd be there if you fall

I always put you right back on your feet

just so you could take advantage of me

I took it so far to keep you close

when you said you loved me

and you needed me

all I wanted was for you to give me your misery, all of it give it to me

I told myself I can hold onto it for you, it's not a problem for me

I wanted to save your heart

every day, I turn the pages

just to change my mood

but every chapter reads the same

It was hard to make it through

your words weren't enough

even then you never hear a word I say

one day you sat me down and said you don't want me anymore

you left me

standing on a corner, crying

feeling like a fool for trying

I wanted to erase our memory

I knew from the beginning of summer, I had to say goodbye to my heart

letting you go would be the hardest

so hello summer, goodbye to my heart.

to the person who tore me apart

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To the Person Who Tore Me Apart
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