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To the Man Who Took My Heart


Sorry I'm so persistent 

While everyone else grows distant

I see you losing interest

And I don't know how to keep it. 

I've fallen to pieces.

I guess you just couldn't invest

In this mess

All I do is stress

Gotta get this shit off my chest

And let my heart breathe. 

Please leave me be.

Leaving subtle hints, you might as well just leave.

I tell you how I feel,

You tell me it isn't real.

Why keep me around?

Make me feel like a clown 

And I can't seem to pick myself up off the ground 

Pick me up,

Just to push me back down again

Or am I mistaken?

Look me in my eyes,

And continue feeding me the lies.

You don't care anyway. 

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To the Man Who Took My Heart
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