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To Take One's Life

An Original Poem

To take one's life,

Would be unjust

And yet for some,

It's a must

You took my hand,

And held it tight

As you thrust your knife,

Full of spite

And broke my heart,

My body, My soul

Yet still I looked,

Into your eyes

With trust and passion,

Despite your lies

No blade could tear,

My love for you

Not even if,

You want it to

So take my hand,

And hold it tight

Kiss my lips,

Caress my cheek

And speak to me,

So soft and sweet

"I love you honey,

With all my heart

To take your life,

Would be unjust

And yet for me,

It's a must

Forgive my actions,

My words, My lies

And close your eyes,

To wake in heaven

The place where you,

Have always belonged."

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To Take One's Life
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