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To Love or Not to Love

Shakespeare 'Hamlet' Remake

To love or not to love—that is the question:

Whether ‘tis easy to express your feelings

And to give your heart away.

Or to suffer from loneliness

And, by shielding, your heart from pain.

To Adore, to give your heart to a jerk—

No more—and by loving I face

The aching pain in my heart with the

Tear stains on my pillow—

‘Tis condition

I do not wish to accept.

To Avoid, to isolate—

To isolate, perhaps too scared. Hey, that is the problem,

Too scared to find the right companion.

From hiding behind broken hearts,

You can't experience feeling special by one person.

That is the concern.

This is why loving is complicated.

For who really wants to get cheated on,

The I love you’s to I hate you’s,

The harsh, long disputations.

The trust issues between companions,

To not be loved back.

To fall in love with the wrong person.

Long distance relationships.

And your broken heart still healing?

Who would want to be companionless.

And feel miserable when you see other couples,

Craving for the warmth in someone else's arms,

Never get to experience the butterflies in your tummy,

And the heart racing.

Not have that person to spend the rest of your life with,

Then you start to become depressed?

Thus taking the risk to love and give your heart away,

And hope they don’t break it.

But missing out not loving and feeling special

By that special someone.

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To Love or Not to Love
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