To Love is to Live


You can't see my tears

You can't feel my pain

Out of sight out of mind, right?

Stuck in your own pain

Hiding between walls

You are so blind!

But not as blind as you will like

Because when the dust calms down

You will be left alone with the same ol’ tears

I love you so much and now I hate you even more

For I, ten times gave you my soul to feed

I write this with sorrow pain

With the same pain of loosing someone in this life

Because you will never fuck me again

Nor fuck with me again

I will rise of course

That you already know

But don't you ever dare to think

I did it from this pain

Because if you had chosen not to be as blind in this current time

You would've seen that my strength comes from within

From the deepest of my soul

From the endless love of my heart

And that you had the choice to be truly happy in this life with me 

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To Love is to Live
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