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To E.C.M

Blank Pages in the Album, One Less Frame on the Wall

Blank pages in the album, one less frame on the wall

Solitary hands protect when I fall,

Silent pain in her eyes, she sees you in me

A few years of joy, now a life penalty.

She says I was your treasure, your 'Bubbles', your world,

She talks of your skin, and the way your hair curled.

But the pain and frustration still simmer inside,

For you didn't walk with me when I was a bride.

Was I made as a keepsake? A facsimile?

When I search deep within, is this you that I see?

I tried to believe what she said long ago,

That you sit on a cloud kicking the moon to and fro.

Maybe one day we'll meet, one day we will find,

Tiny snatches of love left untimely behind.

Will you hold me and soothe me, erase all my pain?

And love me forever, be my daddy again?

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To E.C.M
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