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To Become


She received a hollowing out.

A hollowing of the soul.

What had filled it is gone.


A shell.

A remnant.

A new soul to be filled.

Filled by choices.

Fill it with good.

Line upon line.

Precept upon precept.

Here a little, there a little.

And so they fill.

Slowly, surely, filling.

Oh to be full, to be filled.

It cannot be done.

Not here.

Continuous filling.

Constant filling.

Eternal filling.

Filling with good.

Filled by them.

Filling with bad.

Sometimes filled by her.

Oil and water.

Bad goes in, good comes out.

Vice versa.

And so they fill.

Slowly, surely, filling.

Filling with good.

Filling away.

Filling her full.

Filling her whole.

All the while He fills another whole.

With two wholes, they can build something greater than one.

Something different, something new.

Something two-parted, two-pieced.

Something to become one.

And then to create.

To add.

But not until she is filled whole.

And he also.

Through Him.

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To Become
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