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Just because it's not the complete truth, doesn't mean it's definitely a lie.

Sometimes when things are really wrong,

Without a second thought, you just say "nothing I'm tired, that's all",

And it's not a lie, it's one of the only statements, like " I'm alive",

That can never be a lie.

If it's gotten to the point, where the question makes you numb.

Where you can no longer even comprehend the truth, to you or anyone.

Then you are tired. Tired of the question, tired of the answer.

Tired of the continued reality, you find yourself barely surviving in.

So just remember, when you ask how someone is,

And they say they're just tired.

Yes, they may be dodging your question,

But that doesn't mean they're lying.

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D D.

Disabled(fact), 21(age), Writer(ish), Female(definite), Poet(possible), Purple(favourite), Potatoes(chips), Dog(pet), Cats(pets), Fish(weird), Dr Who(fan), Squandlemorf(random), Read(appreciated), Questions(ask), Love(all), Hugs(free).

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