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Memories from My Family Vault

Today I miss my uncle.

A man of great character,

And comical mannerisms.

I remember the family gatherings,

That many would deem to be

Dysfunctional settings.

But I was taught that chaos

Isn't always a bad thing.

He smiled,

And he laughed.

And despite all relationships

Societally deemed


He managed to rewrite the rules

Of social norms.

Family was family,


And forever.

An occasion was not an occasion,

If he was not in the room.

The reassuring

“Hey Guy”

That he would use to address just about


Now I find myself in a rapidly changing world,

Which makes me want to hate,


And fear.

But I will not,

For I am comforted

By the eternal presence of my Uncle.

A man of great character,

Who taught me that love can never die,

Only change its form.

I understand,

That all hurt comes with wisdom,

And all the pain stems

From a larger source.

Do not run away from this source,

Embrace it.

Life does not make mistakes,

So why act as if people end up in our lives

By accident?

I close my eyes as I think of the energy I wish to


The words in the back of my head as I drift into a different universe:

“Hey Guy”

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