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Tiny Footprints on My Heart

It's scary to think your babies won't always be babies.

I see your innocence in the soles of your feet.

Velvet soft skin crowned with five pudgy stumps that I kiss to hear you laugh.

Lightly, I trace the wrinkles with a cautious fingertip, so as not to disturb the future adventures you'll have on these same toes.

I am marveled by you.

I am marveled that the same foot in my palm will one day have ridges and calluses, each flaw screaming stories of barefoot tree climbing, baseball practice, walking on the beach, stepping on Legos, squishing mud between your toes, and dancing in loafers.

I see your innocence in the soles of your feet, barely touched by the Earth you graced with your presence. 

You stumble beside me, exploring the world with your hand in mine. One day you will pull ahead of me and those steady feet will take you further, faster than I could ever go. 

I am not ready.

Selfishly I want your feet to fit in my hands forever...

Please don't ever outgrow me.

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Cat Walsman
Cat Walsman

Mom to an energetic angel, wife to a wonderful man who fits my crazy <3 Prior active duty Army, current National Guard member. Super down to earth, fell in love with writing as a kid. Tips are appreciated if my writing appeals to you!

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Tiny Footprints on My Heart
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