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Timeless Thoughts

Poems From the Heart

The wind's blowing my mind's drowning in thoughts of you I’m falling, everything's changing my life is fading,

no way of communicating this thought to you.

So long ago it seems to me we met on a path, a path that was meant for me, we walked it together hand in

hand with the past behind us the future ahead.

The path was long with cracks and bumps along the way, we jumped over the cracks went around the bumps

together we pushed forward with little slumps towards the future leaving behind the dumps.

I wish I could communicate this thought to you, fields of passion I burn for you, you’re the one I belong to.

But it's so hard I don’t know what to do.

Life speeds by in a flash never having time to look back in the past.

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Timeless Thoughts
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