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Time is Running

Ever felt like you were running out of time?

Time is running and my heart is pounding.

I’ve got so many options and people with opinions.

So many directions but with different destinations.

Confused with whats right and whats wrong for me.

All of a sudden the wrong seems right and the right seems wrong.

My head is spinning like I’ve just gotten off of a roller coaster.

My body is shaking like I’ve just seen death pass by.

Time is running and my heart is pounding.

The fear is getting closer and my thoughts are getting tangled.

Life is so short that it self takes a life long to realize.

The clock is ticking and the tensions rising.

Time is running and my heart is pounding.

Its time to make a choice and to leave the rest to God.

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Annaah Malik
Annaah Malik

I have always come across as a creative person whether it was drawing, singing or writing. However, I always kept my work to myself until I finished highschool and realized that I want people to finally be part of it and enjoy my work. 

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Time is Running
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