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Time and Time Again

We are all slaves to time.

We are all slaves to time.

Time and Time again

(A mini-montage)

“To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.”- Ecclesiastes 3:1, King James Bible

Song of the Time-Wizard

I stretch out my hand

Extending from my robe

You have heard that

There is a time

For everything

And everything

Has a time

Time for you

My friend

Has many different songs

And time for you

Will be nothing you can control I



I am not affected by time

Time is my weapon

Time is my tool

Time is my workshop

Time is…

My entertainment

Slow Kid


What’s a slow kid supposed to do

When he can’t focus

What’s a slow kid supposed to say

What he doesn’t know

What’s a slow kid gonna eat

When he’s picky

Play with more toys

Talk about cartoons

Ham and Jelly sandwich

Poor dumb kid

Slow dumb kid

“Probably specials needs or something.”

Old Kid


My feet hurt

I never sleep til 3

I hate working

I wish I had more money

I wish my boyfriend was closer

I need to focus harder

I need to be more confident

I need to speak up more

I need to stop caring what people think

I need to spend less

I need to manage time better

I need more time….

Possible Forms


A facebook page destroyed with the web

A catalog of digital pictures lost

A pile of dirty, and worn pictures of a baby,

and an awkward kid,

and a developing teenager

A professional profile for a book cover

A handful of essays


Short stories




And screenplays

A file of forgotten recordings

A certificate of birth and death

A few signed signatures

A pile of dust

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Time and Time Again
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