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A Poem

Time. Time is every second that turns into minutes,

every minute that turns into hours,

every hour that turns into days, every day that turns into weeks,

every week that turns into months, and every month that turns into years.

But what do we really know about time?

Time can heal all open wounds.

Time can give someone the chance to fall in love or have their hearts broken. 

Time can be a blessing, leaving nothing but good fortune

or time can be a waste and leave nothing but pain. 

But what do we really know about time?

Time can measure the amount we have,

whether it's with someone or life itself.

Time is a ticking clock.

Time is a measurement. 

But to me, time is the chance to make things right again.

Time is a chance to get back to where we first started,

time is a chance to give our son hope and happiness.

Time is endless.

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