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'Till You Pick Up the Mic

You'll never know what it's like.

Photo Credit: BuyingHack.com

I had a dream.

On its own, insignificant,

With context, it's magnificent.

In a lonely time,

When most didn't feel fine,

My back in pain,

My head, the same,

I closed my eyes,

And to reality, I said goodbye.

Transported to a new world,

Where everything seemed swirled,

I saw a teacher,

I could just barely reach her,

As I watched her face insults,

I could not help but feel it was assault,

So I told them to bug off,

They told me to f*** off,

And as they did just that,

The teacher's voice, flat,

Said I don't know what it's like

To have people who dislike

It feels like a spike

Like falling off your bike

I don't know what it's like 

Because I've never picked up the mic.

I don't know what it's like,

Because I've never picked up the mic.

For some reason,

That didn't feel like treason,

I haven't said 'mic me',

The thought didn't strike me,

I realized

I must go out,

Do not sit and pout,

Share my ideas

Let them flow like vocal diarrhea,

Do not let people stop me,

If they do, let them drop me.

Never stop sharing,

Don't keep caring

About the staring

From those who aren't daring

Those who keep comparing

And keep pairing

Your airings

With flarings

And blarings

Instead, keep wearing

Your declarings 

On your bearing.

You won't know what it's like, 

'Till you've picked up the mic.


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'Till You Pick Up the Mic
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