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'Til She Returned

Is she even there?

Image: Anastacia Cooper

A shadow

Glimpses of something different

Yet familiar

Is she there

Is she even there?

At the corners of my mind

A heart racing too fast for its cage

A beauty eternally sought

A quest internally taken

Is this what it's come to?

So who am I anyway?

Glimmers of her radiate like an ancient poem

Treading sweetly over my wreckage

The disjointedness of my existence

The depths of my resistance

Always there, at the fringe of twilight

Several shades of amber and strawberry

A soul I wondered at

And pondered, and pondered

Stalking me

Someone who could have been

Perhaps should have been

Is she there?

Trampling through the colored veils

I sought

Searched the edges of existence

For all knowledge

Traversed the depths of God and Universe

Love and death and beauty

Great divide of male and female

Ancient lands of magic and power

Politic and archy

I thought I knew me

Til she returned...

JA Laflin
JA Laflin

Born in the US Pacific NorthWest, JA Laflin loves the metro areas as well as the beautiful Oregon scenery. They run a small publishing company and have authored fiction, poetry, graphic novels, and dabbled extensively in music and the arts.

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'Til She Returned
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