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Thy Fiery Grace

A Viking Love Devotional

Of thee, I do not know much

still I cannot help but gaze.

Thy divine beauty is such

that it sets my soul ablaze.

Hair of fire, eyes of jade,

skin as white as purest snow.

My desire will not fade,

thou art my ebb and my flow.

To thee, I swear allegiance,

never shall I do thee harm.

Devoted to this romance,

I remain under thy charm.

My every waking moment

dedicated to thy thought.

A most sincere sentiment,

from the deepest of my heart.

At night, when I fall asleep,

thou still dance inside my mind.

As I enter slumber deep,

Thou art the one that I find.

In my dreams I see thy face,

smiling softly upon me.

Swayed by thy fiery grace,

I embrace infinity.

All of the nine worlds throughout,

to thee, nothing can compare.

In the Midgard or about,

none is found equally fair.

May the Gods of the Aesir

grant me the gift of thy love.

By Thor’s almighty Mjolnir,

As below and so above.

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Karim Mami
Karim Mami

I am.  I wear many hats.  One of them is the headdress of a musician.  Another is the coif of an author and a poet.  One more is the chapeau of a visual artist.  I think.  I feel.  I create.  I destroy.  I compose.  I decompose.  I am Not-I 

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Thy Fiery Grace
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