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Drip Drop, Drip Drop

drip drop, drip drop

a thousand beats fall

speed to the ground

and die

a smell so clean

upon the air

pausing, falling stop.

rolling roars

booming a mile off,


gusting wind on the fields.

stalking ever closer

a million beats fall

and the beast of life

roars once more

closer, closer still


covering all

striking down

in a brilliant flash

it starts

bleeding down,

pouring out,

giving life it bleeds


the beast bellows

and flashes,

down once more

slashing at its prey.

bleeding life down

upon its quarry

the beat is endless now,

the ground

covered 'n' drenched

the beast flashes away

finished of its prey

roaring the sky shakes

the beats slow and fade

the sky clears

upon the night

the beast is off again,

to hunt, to fight,

to once more sustain

the balance of life

Kaloriinn, James. Mason

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