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Through the Windshield

A Commentary on Traumatic Brain Injury

Through the windshield

Darkness. Panic

Through the windshield

Alone. Despair

Where did I go?

Tornados and Tears

I have lost Hope.

Depression. Fear

Shame and Confusion.

Pretend to be OK

Shame and confusion

I haven't learned another Way.

My emotions scare me.

Bottle them up!!

Can't handle it all...

Drink them down!

Drink and Remorse

Drink them down!

Drink more of course!

I hid the pain

I caged it all in

And now I see

I let the fear win!

I must trudge through

And speak the Truth

Reach out for Love

And then rise above.

Cry. Move. Breathe. Learn.

And heal in Wisdom.

Through the Windshield

Dark comes before the Light


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Through the Windshield
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